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Spotlight Marketing Communications provides a complete catalogue of services to amplify our clients’ brands. Our full-service firm is dedicated to strengthening businesses by providing integrated marketing solutions to produce notable results.

Public Relations

A strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics, a company’s public relations strategy is an important key to success. Spotlight will coordinate public relations messaging and management for clients to ensure clear communication and positive business recognition. Public relations services include:


Media Relations

The outcome of media relations can often be a testimony to a company’s insight and results. By utilizing press releases, press kits, reporter interviews and meetings, media lists and more, Spotlight represents clients by targeting their media relations opportunities, building relationships on their behalf, monitoring editorial calendars and providing media training to position them in the best possible light.



Defining the message of your company sets the tone for what your target audience will hear and is inherently the most important part of any marketing or communications effort. Spotlight crafts key messaging that will differentiate you and your company from competitors while telling your brand’s story.


Strategic Planning

To ensure effective marketing and communications, Spotlight will create a strategic plan to outline each project’s goals and objectives. This includes an outline of target audiences, key messaging and a timeline for operations.


Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements at industry conferences, luncheons and other gatherings are a unique way to connect with your key constituents, as well as the overall public. Spotlight will research strategic opportunities for you and your company and will place knowledgeable professionals on panels or in various speaking positions.


Speaker and Presentation Training

Similar to media training, Spotlight provides speaker and presentation training to give you the confidence you need in front of audiences, big and small.


Crisis Management

Crisis management is a critical process designed to prevent or lessen the damage a crisis can inflict on an organization and its stakeholders. Spotlight will help navigate you through any situation that may arise.

media training

Media Training

Understanding how to respond to the media is crucial to any public relations plan. Spotlight offers smooth responses and controlled messaging to control the outcome for your company.


Reputation Management

Through consistent messaging and branding, Spotlight can help manage you and your organization’s reputation in the public eye.


Byline/Op-Ed Drafting and Placement

A byline is an article drafted by a professional for a publication on a specific topic. Generally placed before written, the article is an excellent opportunity for a client to position themselves as an expert or thought leader.

An op-ed piece is a placement opposite the editorial page of a publication where an individual or group may express their opinion on a matter of public interest. The piece provides an opportunity to raise awareness to the topic at hand in the public eye. As a start-to-finish company, Spotlight helps to place bylines and op-eds with media sources and publications, as well as draft each on a client’s behalf.


Awards and Nominations

Receiving an industry award can have many positive impacts on a company. Awards not only create buzz for a business, but also speak volumes about a company’s reputation and its professionals. External awards allow you to impress and land new business and employees, while internal awards inspire and improve morale. By working with clients to identify award nominations and opportunities, Spotlight coordinates the entire award submission process.


Internal Communications

Often overlooked, the way in which business leaders communicate to their organization is an integral cog in the machine. With the continual goal of raising employee morale and productivity, Spotlight will draft internal memorandums and newsletters to keep employees up to date.


Client/Investor Communications

In today’s fast-paced world, Spotlight will assist in delivering your message to your clients and investors in a clear and concise manner. We’ll create compelling communications that are effective and to the point.


Public Affairs/Government Relations

Spotlight helps your company interact with various elected officials, staff and regulators to allow your message to be heard while raising awareness to your organization’s cause.


Spotlight provides every aspect of the marketing and advertising service spectrum to clients. By drafting, coordinating and placing advertisements, Spotlight helps choose the appropriate publications in which to place advertisements, and assists in generating marketing results or coordinates with clients’ in-house specialists to provide the same level of service. Advertising and marketing placement categories include:



A business’ brand is defined as a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that separates it from those of other sellers or service providers. An integral part of any strategic communication is to define the brand of a company, including its position, key messages and visual elements that should be repeated in all materials, designs, messages and deliverables from then on. Spotlight assists clients in honing in on those brand differentiators to make them more recognizable in the marketplace.



What do you want your target audiences to hear about you and your business? How should your brand be defined? Spotlight drafts and provides strategic messaging for clients to use in a variety of formats by tailoring each message to match the format or forum in which it will be utilized.


Logo Development

A logo is often the first visual element a potential client or investor will see when researching a business. Spotlight helps you set your business apart by creating a unique, eye-catching symbol that is the first part of your story.



Advertising can include print, web, radio, billboard and many other platforms. The key to advertising is choosing a compelling message and design that draws in your audience and raises awareness of your product, service or cause. Spotlight provides or assists with advertising coordination from start to finish on each project.


Mission and Positioning Statements

A mission statement is generally defined as a statement of the purpose for a company, organization or person, and its reason for existing. Positioning statements are a subset of a mission statement and are used only internally.

Each statement defines a target audience, provides a frame of reference, establishes a benefit, and gives proof or a reason to believe. Spotlight works hand in hand with clients to draft the statements that best express their messages to each audience.



A tagline is a short statement, five words or less, that supports a company’s brand, logo and mission. Spotlight helps clients get creative and deliver the shortest elevator pitch invented to tell your story.

Market Collateral Development

Spotlight will create a portfolio of marketing pieces for your organization that can include a brochure, one-sheet explaining a product or service, biography pages, letterhead, business cards, and banners. Our designers paint a picture through visual elements, while our copywriters tell your story through compelling messages.

web development and content

Website Content and Development

Is your website clearly communicating your organization’s goals and expertise to your audience? In today’s world, a website is often the first step in establishing a business relationship. A website must be visually appealing, but also clean and easily navigable with meaningful copy that tells your story.

As a full spectrum marketing agency, Spotlight can produce a website from start to finish, including design and content creation, site review, and final production.

web development and content

Email Blasts

As an increasingly common avenue to communicate with target audiences, an email blast is an electronic message sent once to a large mailing list. Spotlight can draft and design targeted email blasts for clients to inform, educate and offer a call to action potential business.



Sponsorships support events, activities, persons or organizations financially or through the provision of products or services. Spotlight will help coordinate sponsorships and ensure that the sponsorship is beneficial to each client’s organization.


Graphic Design

Graphic design is a visual medium that can be used to communicate a given message. While it can stand on its own, graphic design is often combined with copy as visual support. Spotlight supports clients’ graphic design ideas and needs from start to finish.

Case Studies

Case Study Development

A very effective tool to promote a service or product, a case study is a descriptive or explanatory analysis of a person, group or event. Spotlight can draft case studies for your business that can be used to raise awareness and to show the benefits of a service or product.


Social Media

When used properly, social media can be a useful tool to raise awareness about a firm and its cause. The options available today are nearly endless, with the most popular websites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

Spotlight provides clients with full social media account support, including helping choose the most appropriate content to post and connecting clients with their target audience through social networking.

Events and Trade Shows

Event Production and Management

No matter the size of the event, Spotlight will help you take it from good to memorable by planning and executing a flawless production. We offer full-cycle event planning and management to ensure that attendees walk away having experienced the true purpose of the event, whether an evening of enjoyment, an informational luncheon or a valuable weeklong conference.